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About Us: David Murphy's Bio
  David Murphy, the recipient of The National Black Action Portal was born on August 2, 1951. He is one of nine siblings and up to this current time they are a very close tight knitted family. He was raised in Baltimore, Maryland where he was briefly educated and quit school in the seventh grade for a variety of reasons!

In the late fifties and early sixties he witnessed the disindergration of his educated talented father through systematic discrimination. He personally witnessed and was a victim of this same systematic discrimination. At the tender yet influential age of eleven his family moved to a predominately white community who did not received black families with an open arms and on top of that he was bused further out to an overwhelming white school in which white parents were protesting the fact that Blacks were going to attend that particular school! 

It was an extremely difficult and confusing time for David, his family and black people in general. It was during this time that David began to understand that there is strength in unity! The few yet many that were migrating to that community had to unify for protection, safety and common ground.

Unfortunately and fortunately David experienced low self esteem because he could not understand at the age of twelve why so many grown white people hated him and was so angry because he was in their presence. The son like the father took to the bottle to soothe the pain of rejection and discrimination.

After many years of tears, anger and fighting back in his limited ways, he began thinking like those who inflicted that pain on him and his father. In this vicious cycle of receiving and giving hatred, mistrust and mostly misunderstanding this cycle continued until age 27. After the majority of his youth swallowed up in bitterness, alcoholism, self pity and limited education David were faced with a life or death decision!

He decided that he wanted to live plus he wanted a life worth living. After many years of self destruction and bitterness he gathered up all the strength he could muster and was willing to face life challenge’s head on! He even called on a higher power in which he had not much confidence in. He never could understand at that time why God would allow a child to go through so much pain and agony. He said if there is a God please help him!

David began to give up all devices and people that would hinder him in his new quest for life. He enrolled in an adult education center to get his G.E.D. while attending school he held a part time job. He would leave his home at 6:30 a.m. and would return at 11:00 p.m. Monday Through Friday for about six months. He began to gain confidence in his ability to adjust to society. He was more determined to be a man with purpose!

David received his G.E.D. Certificate in May 1979. He immediately enrolled in trade school for Printing, after several months at trade school he Graduated in March 1980. A few weeks later he was employed as a Press Operator at local company in Baltimore, Maryland.

As he began his journey into the work force, he faced some familiar demons that haunted his

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