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The National Black Action Portal

Join The Evolution! A Call To Action!

Help me to help you to help ourselves!

Greetings, my name is David Murphy! We are all aware of the fact that there are many problems in the African American communities and there have been systematically discrimination, hate and disrespect toward African Americans! Our situation is at a boiling point and if you and I do not work toward a solution then we will see more blatant crimes against our people. Our unemployment rate will continue to rise, our businesses will continue to suffer, and our children will feel more helpless than ever before!

I have a solution to a multitude of our problems and situations! With your help and support we can create tens of thousands of jobs for our people! With my evolutionary system we can grow, connect and prosper our businesses nationwide! Together we can educate, demonstrate, illustrate a new way of thinking by hosting seminars, workshops, tutoring, mentors by us and for us! We can no longer wait for or depend on outside sources to do for us, what we can do for ourselves!

It is said that documentation beats conversation. I have been an entrepreneur for more than 35 years. I created the largest black discount directory in Maryland (Togetherness Unlimited Discount Directory) I published several newspapers (The Maryland Informer, The Edmondson Villager) and I collaborated with many others. I hosted two radio programs (Unity In The Community/WOLB) plus (The National Portal/Blogtalk) and was the featured guest on many others! I was a high-ranking member in many business opportunities! I am a community activist and a family man, just to name a few! I mention those contributions I made, not to impress you but to impress upon you my commitment to my people. I am a true soldier for the cause of social and economic empowerment!

The National Black Action Portal in its infancy is already the largest resource of African American businesses, organizations, services training and educational tools in the United States and we have only just begun! With your participation this can be the largest evolution in United States history. With your support we can take our rightful place at the table of economics, it is written the last shall be first!!!

The time has come for us to take a stand, we must stand in the gap for our children, We must stand up for our people. Remember that old saying if we do not take a stand for something, then we will fall for anything. Stand with me, together we will never stand alone we stand on the shoulders of great men and women and it is time for us to march into the promise land and take back what is rightfully ours!

In order for our evolution to work we need donations so that we can hire our people to operate our system, we need businesses and services on all levels to participate and grow their business, We need authors, motivational speakers, educators, professional services to host seminars and workshops. Most importantly we need you to join our membership and partake of the many services we will provide to enhance your quality of life! Support a system that was made to support you!

Go to our website and look at the foundation in which we are to build upon, make a donation, suggestion and join our evolution!

Donations Needed Because: "Freedom Comes With A Price"

Note: In the spirit of giving I will cast the first stone! Because of my dedication and love for my people I will give you the following services just for a donation of your choice. I will even go a step further you do not have to donate anything and I will give you those services anyway! I will do this because I believe trust and respect is earned!

Thank you for time and patience, I just want to say something to you personally. (See video just a few minutes)

David Murphy

Chief Operating Officer


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